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With the nature of work, the workplace, and the workforce rapidly changing, high-performing organizations are pivoting to a more strategic view of rewards – looking beyond a paycheck and basic benefits to offer a compelling rewards program that considers the totality of the relationships organizations need to create with their workforce.

In the past the emphasis for compensation and benefits, or Total Rewards as these programs have been historically referenced, has remained primarily on cost management and operational efficiency. But the evolving demands of today’s workforce requires new approaches from business, functional and HR leaders. Workers’ expectations extend beyond a solid foundation of compensation and benefits to now include recognition, career development, and a holistic approach to well-being.

Deloitte is an award-winning leader in human capital consulting. We help organizations effectively manage their human capital to drive business growth by leveraging research, analytics, and industry insights to help organizations develop talent management and business-driven HR strategies to deliver results.

Our professionals have extensive experience working with clients in both public and private companies, as well as non-profit and public sector organizations in executive compensation, broad-based compensation, and performance management. They are committed to providing perspectives and insights that are objective, business focused, and financially sound. Designing, developing, and deploying effective compensation and performance management programs require a balance of skills. Deloitte is one of the few firms with global reach and access to multidisciplinary professional services in Consulting, Technology Integration, Finance, and Tax to address clients' unique needs. We offer:

  • A collaborative approach tailored to each organization's unique needs
  • Access to trend analysis and thought leadership
  • Experience with regulators and standards-setting bodies
  • Databases and data mining tools that enable fact-based analysis and decision-making
  • Access to extensive knowledge in tax, accounting and corporate governance
  • Objectivity and independence

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