The easy way to offer personalized benefits and rewards that make life/work.

The workplace, and with its benefits and rewards has changed rapidly in recent years. Today they go way beyond health, dental, or retirement to acknowledge the whole employee. In a world where you can personalize every experience, employees are expecting benefits that are going to meet their unique needs.

Let Maxwell help you elevate the traditional benefits you already offer, and do the heavy lifting of sourcing, communicating, and managing life/work benefits.

Maxwell brings into a single solution your traditional benefits and makes it possible for you to offer the latest and greatest benefits that employees are asking for.

Similar to an FSA, at its core, Maxwell functions as a LSA (Lifestyle Spending Account). We leverage the combined size of our customers to secure relationships with lifestyle benefits providers, and take on the administrative work of communicating them, managing reimbursements, and reporting.

All you have to do is provide a budget per employee and choose which life/work benefits you want to offer. Your employers are empowered to access their budget via Maxwell and choosing how to use it: via the marketplace, reimbursements, using their Maxwell Card, or to reward their teammates.

The end result? A happy HR team that can focus on being a strategic partner, and happy productive employees that have benefits for their unique needs.

Benefits that help make life/work.

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