Signature Relocation

Signature is a full-service relocation management company offering a full complement of domestic U.S. and global mobility services in the United States, Canada, Central & South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asian Pacific regions with best-in-class global service partners offering “boots on the ground” solutions throughout the world.

Domestic U.S. Services

International Assignment / Repatriation Services
  • Policy Administration / Expense Management
  • Departure Services (Home Marketing, Home Sale (GBO, BVO, Direct Reimbursement), and Lease Cancellation).
  •  Destination Services (Home Finding, Mortgage Assistance, Rental Assistance, Temporary Living, Settling-In, Spouse/Partner Assistance, and Travel)
  • Household Goods Move Management
  • In-House Tax Gross-Up Services

  • Policy Administration/Global Expense Mgmt.
  • Pre-Assignment Cost Analysis
  • Departure Services (Home Marketing, Home Sale, De-Registration, and Lease Closeout/Cancellation).
  • Language & Cross-Cultural Training
  • Destination Services (Home Finding, Settling-In, Spouse/Partner Assistance, School Search, Temporary Living and Travel)
  •  Household Goods Move Management

Additional Service Offerings

  • IP Concierge Services
  •  Group Move Management
  • Business Travel Management
  • Intern and Rotational Program Management
  • Global Visa, Immigration & Comp.
  • Policy Design and Development

  • Pet & Specialty Shipments (Wine & Art)
  • HR Consulting
  • Office Move Management and Logistics
  •  Interview Candidate Management
  • Global Tax Management
  •  Policy Review and Benchmarking

We deliver relocation and talent mobility solutions targeted to address the unique challenges of each client. Signature Relocation provides programs which are custom-designed to support your domestic and global program objectives and offer single-point-of-contact management, and which include Traditional Programs, Managed Budget/Core Flex Programs, Lump Sum Programs, Intern Programs and Rotational Development Programs.

To learn more information about the quality services we offer you can visit us at, or contact us by phone (877-373-0691) or email (

23923 Research Drive Farmington Hills, MI 48335