SpiraLinks Corp.

Manage your compensation planning and performance processes more efficiently. Tie your compensation practices directly to your business strategy. Align workforce rewards with employee performance. Do it all better with FocalReview® Total Rewards Software. With this advanced compensation planning and performance management suite, you can manage your salary, bonus, and stock plans on different timetables for different employee populations – in multiple currencies and languages. Your HR & Compensation teams can budget, recommend, analyze, and approve changes in all forms and phases of compensation, even if multiple management organizations are responsible for input and review – all on-premise or securely in the cloud.

SpiraLinks is certified with the GSA (Government Services Administration), the Woman Business Enterprise (WOB), the Women Owned Small Business (WOSB), and the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women).

The FocalReview® suite is a proprietary product of SpiraLinks Corporation designed to assist companies in the management of their Compensation and Performance management processes. It functions in a highly secure web-based environment, under the control and administration of Human Resources. It enables authorized managers across the entire company to budget, recommend, analyze and approve changes in Rewards of all types and at all phases of the Compensation cycle. Using one or more views of the organizational hierarchy, companies with many product areas and locations can manage multi-currency, multi-language and multi-year compensation structures.

SpiraLinks FocalReview® comprises:

  • Compensation, Performance Management and Employee Portal modules
  • Administration Module with control of security and access
  • Total Rewards Statements included with reporting
  • Data Schema appropriate to the above modules
  • Oracle 11g+ or other industry standard ANSI SQL compliant relational database
  • Load Scripts for data from diverse sources
  • Audit Tables and Queries
  • Download ability for Employee data to formats like Excel, .csv, .pdf
  • Embedded Management Reports and Graphs
  • Support for offline analysis, reporting and employee notification
  • Single Signon capability with SAML standards(e.g., Okta, Ping & Ubuntu)

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