Xactly Corporation

Using a scalable, cloud-based sales performance management (SPM) portfolio, Xactly unleashes the human potential of sales teams by dramatically improving their sales planning, territory management, compensation and coaching processes. Organizations can leverage Xactly’s unique empirical sales performance data set to effectively plan, execute and optimize their sales performance strategically and continuously to improve sales productivity and revenue growth. Leveraging an open, standards-based architecture, Xactly seamlessly integrates within an enterprise’s existing infrastructure, with the ability to work with any ERP, CRM, or HCM application, while meeting the highest standards in security, reliability, and privacy.

With Xactly, organizations can:

  • Increase productivity with automation and system integration
  • Align cross-functional teams with real-time visibility
  • Manage complexity and easily scale SPM processes
  • Accelerate performance with prescriptive and AI-based insights
  • Improve effectiveness of compensation spending
  • Lower attrition with compensation best practices
  • Leverage data insights for sales planning and incentive compensation programs

Top 3 Xactly Advantages:

  1. Data-driven Intelligence
  2. Only Xactly has data-derived insights to show whether you are paying correctly and using best comp practices. No other vendor has the AI intelligence backed by 13+ years of pay and performance data to show what reps are at risk of attrition.

  3. Seamless Integration with Salesforce
  4. Xactly has a long-standing partnership with Salesforce, the CRM market share leader. Salesforce has deployed Xactly to thousands of users. Over 70% of Xactly customers use Salesforce.

  5. Only End-to-end ASC 606 (IFRS 15) CEA Solution
  6. Companies choose Xactly CEA to manage their commission expense accounting under ASC 606 because of its seamless integration within existing environments while providing a secure system of record to streamline and ensure regulatory compliance.

The ROI with Xactly:

With Xactly’s Sales Performance Management suite of solutions, organizations increase revenues by 15%, improve quota attainment by 10% and boost sales productivity by 20%.

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