The New Work Exchange
By Scott Cawood

Whether you are a C-level executive, a human resource professional, or a person seeking fulfillment in your work, The New Work Exchange—a #1 Amazon Best Seller—signals a time to embrace a radical realignment of how, when, and why we work—as well as what we produce. It’s time to make work better.

With real-life examples from some of the best (and worst) workplaces and practical questions and tips, The New Work Exchange is an exploration of what work really works.

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What if work could be better?

As the CEO of WorldatWork and a self-proclaimed “work nerd,” author Scott Cawood introduces the New Work Exchange, a philosophy that redefines a successful workplace. From unpacking the history of work, the challenges of keeping pace with consumer demands, and the importance of putting people first, The New Work Exchange is a journey to reassess value alignment between workers and workplaces.

How to make the workplace work for everyone?

In the wake of a global pandemic and the “Great Resignation,” workplaces have been turned upside down. Companies are grappling with how to maintain productivity, attract (and retain) top talent, and keep pace with technological advances. In the face of so much change, many leaders find themselves hesitant—or resistant—to walk away from the rules that have dominated the workplace for more than a century.

But what if those rules are no longer effective? What if we have entered a new Industrial Revolution in which the successful workplace is being redefined? In The New Work Exchange™, Scott Cawood presents a revolutionary philosophy for today’s thriving workplace—one where the primary stakeholders are people and where flexibility is everything. In the paradigm shift from work-life balance to work-life integration, a new work currency has emerged—one that builds better people, better companies, and a better world.

100 percent of the proceeds from The New Work Exchange go to the WorldatWork Foundation.

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