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A Fruitful Journey to GRP Designation

“At Your Service” is a column dedicated to answering questions, resolving issues and providing insight to the benefits of WorldatWork membership through the daily interactions of our customer relationship services (CRS) advisers and our members. For more information, please contact CRS at

A rewards manager for a food production company in South Africa has been communicating with CRS throughout her GRP journey. As a member of the South African Reward Association (SARA), she has completed her courses and exams in Johannesburg. As of press time, she was waiting to receive her 10th and last exam score to earn her GRP.

“I have really enjoyed all the GRP modules,” she emailed. “They are so informative, and I’ve been able to implement so much of what I’ve learned back in the workplace. It’s just been fantastic!”

Crowdsourced Feedback in Our Online Community
An HR director of a real estate management group reached out for resources on employer leave policies and practices.

“I am looking for any resources that discuss the practice of requiring doctors’ notes when employees have absences of two days or more (or any length of time),” she wrote. “I certainly understand our practice of requiring a doctor’s note upon returning from work from a leave of absence. We want to know whether and what restrictions the returning employee might have and ensure that the employee is able and available for work. But this practice of requiring a doctor’s note to justify a two- or three-day absence seems to fly in the face of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and state sick leave laws.”

CRS directed the certified compensation professional to the WorldatWork Online Community, where she found a discussion on attendance control in the new era of ADA and FMLA. It was an archived post and yet still relevant to these times.

CRS also encouraged the member to post a new question on the topic for current crowdsourced feedback. If someone responds to the post, the person who asked the question will receive an email to notify them.

Striking It Rich with Market Pricing
A senior vice president of HR with a sporting goods superstore chain sought assistance from CRS in accessing to price jobs. This WorldatWork member-only benefit is available through the online Member Portal page. The eight-year association member expressed gratitude for the service and said he felt that the market pricing data access alone was worth the price of WorldatWork membership.

Commission Plans ‘R Us
A senior HR manager with a large food and support services company thanked CRS for guiding her to information on commission plans through the search function on the WorldatWork website. The CCP and global remuneration professional (GRP) said she found plenty of relevant articles on this topic.

Getting Up to Speed Quickly and Cost-Effectively
A corporate HR and compensation manager with a giant food chain contacted CRS with a challenge: She had a new comp analyst starting and wanted to get him exposed to compensation. She looked on the website and noticed “Quick Start: Essentials of Compensation and Base Pay,” a crash course for those new to the compensation function. The cost: $525. Money well spent.

Research & Surveys to the Rescue
A comp and HR consultant sought data about market trends or actual pay mix for director-level and above. Specifically, she wanted to know the percentages companies are paying for base salary vs. incentives (short- and long-term) at both publicly traded and privately held companies. CRS directed her to the WorldatWork “Incentive Pay Practices” Survey reports, published in May and October 2018, respectively.


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