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COVID-19 Is Accelerating Organizations’ Investment in Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way many organizations operate and remote work is chief among those changes. This has triggered 37% of organization to accelerate their investment in technology and led 26% to accelerate their investment in technologies that support automation efforts.


This was a main finding in “The Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Work” survey conducted by WorldatWork and Greenwich.HR. The survey of 523 organizations also revealed that 28% are already feeling extreme pain from the pandemic and have reached critical mass, while another 20% will experience the same by July and 32% said they will reach that point in 2021.

Most organizations (84%) said service enhancement is the most influential reason for investing in automation efforts, while 73% cited production capacity, 72% cited quality enhancement and 61% said time savings.

For organizations operating in multiple geographic locations, 59% are adhering to local mandates while 22% said they have their own centralized policy for all associates to follow.

“Organizations with multiple locations will need to wrestle with many challenges due to differences in relaxing restrictions across the country, and around the world, including the fact most schools will be opening at different times,” said Scott Cawood, president and CEO of WorldatWork. “Current policies for how to address disparities must be updated now to account for the many differences employees are facing, including some returning to offices while others are still working from home. We will all be addressing a multitude of changeable scenarios we’ve never before faced.”

Other key findings:

  • 34% of businesses have established timelines of how long they can survive before making drastic cuts to their operations or closing the business altogether.
  • 58% of organizations said labor reliability is an influential reason for investing in automation while another 58% said financial savings was a reason.

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