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Performance Evaluation Practices Missing the Mark

New survey data suggests that companies might want to reconsider their performance evaluation practices.

According to WorldatWork’s “Contemporary Performance Evaluation Practices Survey,” conducted in collaboration with a team of researchers led by Jasmijn Bol, Ph.D., of Tulane University, only 47% of responding organizations are satisfied with their performance evaluation processes.

For instance, 99% of respondents said providing timely and high-quality feedback was an organizational objective of their performance evaluation process. But only 50% said their processes achieved that goal. In terms of increasing the perception of fairness, 95% said that was important to the company — but just 44% said their process actually did improve fairness perceptions.

Of the respondents who said their performance evaluation processes were effective, 43% used calibration committees. Comparatively speaking, these respondents said increasing the perception of fairness was a company objective 100% of the time — and using calibration committees hit the mark 74% of the time. Committees also helped to mitigate bias, with respondents calling the process 78% effective. Overall, respondents said that their process — whether by committee or otherwise — was only 44% effective at mitigating bias.



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