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The August issue of Workspan will soon be hitting computers (and mailboxes)! Look for these sales compensation-focused topics, among others, in WorldatWork’s award-winning magazine.

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Talent Management

"Reskilling Revolution: Robust Economy, Obsolete Jobs Drive Need for Continuous Learning" by Trisha L. Howard, WorldatWork

Say the word “reskilling” and it conjures up a worker in mid-career, or even one nearing retirement, who needs to learn how to use new technology.

But what the World Economic Forum has dubbed the “reskilling revolution” goes far beyond graying employees. It’s a fundamental shift in the way that businesses — and employees — should function to keep on top of rapidly evolving technology.

Employee Experience

"All Aboard the Customer-Employee Connection: How Improving the Employee Experience Benefits Customers" by Morag Barrett

Far from being the latest buzzword, employee experience is turning into the key element of the future-proof workplace. It’s time to change the outdated 20th-century mindset that dismisses employees as dispensable and infinitely replaceable and instead recognize that business is all about people.

The employer-employee relationship has changed. While the employer had the power in the last century, that balance is shifting in this century, and potential employees are being choosier about which opportunities they accept.

Sales Compensation

"AI’s Impact on Sales Compensation" by Chad Albrecht, Kyle Heller and Arun Shastri

While most of us think of applications like Alexa, Siri and Cortana when we think of artificial intelligence (AI), more than half of AI’s commercial impact is in sales and marketing. AI impacts how companies engage with their customers, a salesperson’s influence on the sale, and by extension, how these same salespeople should be paid. But let’s start with how AI is impacting the world of sales.

"Six Reasons to Rethink Sales Compensation Programs" by Darren Tse and Jon Randall

Many organizations are enhancing their sales compensation programs to better meet the needs and challenges of the modern world. But how exactly are companies rethinking their sales comp programs in response to these factors?

"Dear Sales Compensation Professionals," by David J. Cichelli

Compensation professionals should learn how all pay programs function, including base pay plans, annual management incentive plans, executive compensation, equity pay plans, hourly pay programs and production-based incentive awards. Here is my advice: Add sales compensation to your list of compensation competencies.


"The Ancient Art of Storytelling" by Jim Fickess, WorldatWork

A class of a half-dozen women were spending a beautiful Arizona Saturday morning in a nondescript community college classroom swapping stories. From the inauspicious surroundings, one would be hard-pressed to believe that they were practicing one of business’s hottest skills — storytelling.


"Total Rewards Conference Delivers an Authentic Experience to People from All Walks of Life"

The inclusive WorldatWork community proved in May that highly committed and dedicated professionals still very much appreciate the impact of an in-person experience, especially when it’s chockfull of networking, education and vibrant social activities.


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