Dynamic Arrays: Excel Turbo-Charged
Learn to leverage Excel’s powerful dynamic arrays tool to analyze compensation data faster and more effectively.

Dynamic arrays can simplify, accelerate and transform your compensation analysis efforts, helping you easily spread arrays into adjacent cells and use them with multiple formulas. Attend this course and you’ll soon be leveraging the time saving, smart features of this powerful tool, which can instantly transform your compensation work.

What You Will Learn 

  • Learn to use the FILTER, SORT, SORTBY and UNIQUE functions.
  • Avoid frustrating VLOOKUP errors with the game-changing XLOOKUP, and return a dynamic array of market data.
  • Leverage the simple INDIRECT formula to bring in a set of regional pay ranges based on user choice.
  • Use SEQUENCE to easily set up a range of numbers, letters, or dates.

Once you complete the course, the Excel spreadsheets used by the instructor are yours to keep, along with detailed directions showing how to replicate all the functions demonstrated in class. 

Who Will Benefit from This Course? 

This course is ideal for compensation professionals who regularly use Excel to analyze large quantities of data – and who want to work faster and more efficiently. 

Course Requirements

The course requires an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Excel. Participants will need access to a computer with Microsoft Office 365 or Excel 2021.

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Recertification Credits 

By successfully completing this course you will earn 2 WorldatWork recertification credits.

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Exercises are included throughout each section of the course for hands-on practice.
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