Pay Equity Course Series
Comprehensive Learning to Successfully Launch Your Pay Equity Efforts

This three-course package provides a thorough grounding in pay equity practices. The only bundle of its kind in the market, this series will take you through the entire process of building a pay equity program — from gaining a fundamental understanding of pay equity, to performing essential data gathering and analysis, to getting your organization to commit to establishing equity as part of its culture.

Built on real-world examples and case studies, this series provides practical, how-to insights designed to help you overcome real-life challenges and accomplish your pay equity objectives.

Designed as an integrated package, the interactive lessons in this series build on one another, providing a robust foundation in pay equity practices. And because the learning is self-paced, it is available whenever you are ready to tackle your next lesson. 

Check the Program and Schedule tab to see what you will gain from this series. 

Who Will Benefit from This Series?

This series of courses is ideal for compensation and HR professionals who are responsible for designing compensation programs and influencing pay equity outcomes in U.S.-based organizations.

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Course Program

Course 1: Understanding Pay Equity 

Learn to analyze, measure and resolve unwanted pay differences, as well as navigate the U.S. legal and regulatory environment surrounding pay equity. 

  • Hear why pay equity is vital and see how to spot the internal and external factors that influence it. 
  • Learn the key pay equity laws in the U.S. and other regions. 
  • See how organizational rewards factor into a successful pay equity strategy.  
  • Learn the main reasons for conducting a pay equity analysis, what it entails and how to prepare. 
  • Gain valuable data sets, worksheets, references, research, publications, and tools to help make your pay equity efforts easier. 

Course 2: Performing a Pay Equity Analysis 

Learn to perform a pay equity analysis that can expose unintended pay gaps. Step-by-step instructions provide the knowledge, techniques and tools you need to conduct a pay analysis — from establishing legal privilege and protection, through timing and conducting the analysis, to interpreting and summarizing the results.

  • Understand the team roles needed to conduct a pay equity analysis.
  • Learn which data to select and how to analyze them to determine remediation needs.
  • See how to determine the steps to address uncovered pay inequities. 
  • Gain valuable resources, including data examples, Excel worksheet templates, and pay analysis FAQs to help you in your pay equity efforts.

Course 3: Committing to Pay Equity

Learn to maximize the value of your pay equity analysis and understand the mindset that drives a commitment to long term pay equity.

  • Learn to build on your pay equity analysis in the near- and mid-term and to understand the long-term outcomes. 
  • Find out how to spot underlying issues that can affect your pay equity program. 
  • Learn how to make your pay equity program transparent, including which metrics to consider sharing internally and externally. 
  • Discover best practices for establishing an equitable workplace.  

Course Credits

Upon completing the program, attendees receive the following professional development credits:

WorldatWork Recertification: 6 credits 

CEUs: 0.45 credits   

HRCI:  4.5 classroom hours   

SHRM Recertification: 4.5 classroom hours

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Exercises are included throughout each section of the course for hands-on practice.
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