WorldatWork Certification Handbook

This Certification Handbook is a collection of policies to guide certification candidates in obtaining and maintaining their WorldatWork credentials.

You can access the Certification Handbook here.


Q: Does my certification expire?

A: For your WorldatWork designations to remain current, you must earn 12 recertification credits every three years. When requested, WorldatWork will respond appropriately to specific inquiries by employers regarding an individual's certification status.

Q: How do I keep my designation(s) current?

A: You can earn credits through a variety of activities, which can be found on our Recertification Opportunities page. Once you fill out your recertification application form, any credits you earn via WorldatWork activities are automatically added to your recertification status and can be viewed on your profile. To track credits earned outside WorldatWork, please add them manually to the Recertification Application form.

Q: To recertify, do I need to earn 12 recertification credits for each of my designations?

A: No, you need a total of 12 recertification credits. If you’ve earned two or more designations, you only need to complete the recertification credits for one to keep them all current.

Q: How do I know when my certification expires?

A: Your certification status is available on your profile.

Certifications that are not maintained by filing an application every three years are considered out of date until the Recertification Application has been filed and approved.

Q: When should I submit the Recertification Application form?

A: You may complete the Recertification Application form any time after you earn a designation. We recommend that you complete the form right away to allow credits earned through WorldatWork recertification activities to be automatically added to your recertification status.

Once you meet the requirements for recertification, your designation will be renewed automatically on your renewal date. You must complete the application form to be recertified.

Q: What happens after I complete my 12 recertification credits?

A: After we receive and approve your fulfilled recertification application, your designation will be renewed automatically on your renewal date. You will receive a new certificate that indicates you are current for an additional three years. At the end of your current designation period, you’ll be eligible to begin accruing credit toward your next recertification.

Q: When is my Recertification Application form closed?

A: When you reach 12 recertification credits, your recertification application will close within 30 days of your original designation expiration, renewing your certification for another three years.

Q: Can I still recertify if my recertification date has expired?

A: Yes. You can enter your credits by going back three years from the date on the recertification application. Once you obtain the 12 credits needed, select the “Submit” button to send your application to our certification team for review and approval.