WorldatWork Certification Handbook

This Certification Handbook is a collection of policies to guide certification candidates in obtaining and maintaining their WorldatWork credentials.

You can access the Certification Handbook here.


Q: Is WorldatWork membership required to pursue certification?

A: You do not have to be a WorldatWork member to pursue certification. However, members do receive substantial discounts on courses, exams and conferences, as well as exclusive access to research, publications and our online member networking platform.

Q: How can I prepare for the certification exams?

A: Most of our certifications offer prep courses that teach the content needed to pass the associated exam. Courses are available for the following certifications: Certified Compensation Professional, Global Remuneration Professional, Certified Benefits Professional and the Certified Compensation Professional – Canada. To earn these certifications, you must pass multiple exams focused on certain areas of knowledge. 

Two of our certifications (the Certified Executive Compensation Professional and Certified Sales Compensation Professional) test the knowledge you would be expected to learn on the job. As a result, we do not offer prep courses; we do, however, offer practice exams that provide a low-cost, low-risk way to prepare, as well as the body of knowledge you should review and understand. To earn these certifications, you must pass a single, comprehensive exam consisting of more than 100 questions.

Q: For those certifications that offer courses, am I required to take the courses? Can I simply take the exam?

A: While many people find it helpful to learn from our experienced instructors and our in-depth course materials, you may take the certification exam without taking the associated prep course.

Q: Should I take the exams in a specific order?

A: You are not required to take the certification preparation courses in a specific order. However, we recommend following the suggested order because the content and concepts you learn build from one course to the next. 

Q: Where do I take my certification exam?

A: For ease and convenience, WorldatWork provides online, proctored exams, enabling you to take the exam from anywhere. 

Q: What is the minimum passing score?

A: The minimum passing score for all certification exams is 75%.

Q: May I retake a failed exam?

A: Yes, you may retake an exam as many times as you wish. An additional fee applies. Please contact our Customer Experience Team at 877-951-9191 (United States and Canada) or 480-951-9191 (other countries) to speak with an adviser to discuss retake options and prices.

Although you may immediately schedule a retake, we recommend you first look over your score to help identify areas where you may need additional study and/or experience before retesting. We are happy to advise you on classes that can help you prepare you for the retake.

Q: Do the exams that I've passed expire?

A: Yes, individual exams expire after 8 years. The overall certification that culminates from these exams does not expire if you have maintained your certification through the recertification process. However, if you are attempting to obtain an additional certification and it has been more than 8 years since you passed an exam that pertains to the new certification, you will need to retake the pertinent expired exam(s).

Q: Where can I check my certification status?

A: To see information about your exams and certification status, visit your profile, click the My WorldatWork tab and scroll down to the My Certifications section.

Q: How can I share that I’ve completed a WorldatWork course or certification?

A: Learners who achieve WorldatWork credentials will receive a digital badge they can share on their professional networking profile, email signature or company profile page. WorldatWork partners with Credly to distribute and track badge attainment and learners need to create an account with Credly to access their WorldatWork badges.

Q: Can I get a printed copy of my certificate?

A: Yes, a printable copy of your certificate can be found within your Credly account. WorldatWork has partnered with Credly to provide easy access to your digital credential badge and certificate.

Q: When I've completed one certification, can the credits I earned be applied to another certification?

A: Yes, credits earned for one certification can be applied to another certification that requires passage of the same exam. 

Q: What benefits do I reap from pursuing a second certification?

A: Credits you earn from pursuing a second certification can be applied to recertify your first certification.

Q: I am ready to get certified! What's the best path for me?

A: Contact WorldatWork Customer Experience Team at 877-951-9191 (United States and Canada) or 480-951-9191 (other countries) to speak with an adviser who can help you map out your path to certification based on your individual needs and goals.